Coffee Mundo® Special Origins

Besides their House Blend Coffee Mundo® provides only Special Origins. That means that every single coffee comes from 1 specific coffee country and that it has been selected for you especially on quality, taste and aroma. Each Coffee Mundo® Special Origin coffee has its own character and taste, which all fit different moments of the day or even a specific mood. To help you making your personal preferred selection Coffee Mundo® has developed the unique Coffee Mundo® Special Origins Configurator.

Coffee Mundo® Special Origins all exist of 100% pure Arabica coffee beans, the top quality. The Coffee Mundo® Arabica coffee beans are all grown on great heights in countries along the equator, which becomes clear from our product range. The Arabica coffee beans selected by Coffee Mundo® all characterize itselves by a full aroma, a mild taste and a naturally low caffeine.

The route from Coffee Plant to Coffee Mundo® Special Origins coffee:

Trial Pack

To get to know our Coffee Mundo® Special Origins we have composed this MUNDO FAIR TRADE trial pack for you.

Size: (3x250g) 750g 

Price: € 24,50  NOW € 23,95 
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